The Blurtso Chronicles

                       DRAMATIS PERSONAE:


a good-natured, philosophical donkey with a weakness for pumpkin pie. Blurtso, having enrolled at Harvard University, is pursuing his undergraduate degree. 
In addition to his studies, Blurtso is writing a novel entitled, Blurtseau Lundif - Corsaire Extraordinaire.


Harlan: A soft-spoken elephant from Borneo. Harlan is a die-hard Redsox fan, and his favorite player is Big Papi. 


a talented gardener, Pablo, after visiting Blurtso at Harvard, decides to stay in
Boston, where he meets Bonny Bray, the love of his life. Pablo and Bonny presently live near Concord in a cabin on Walden Pond.


Bonny Bray: a talented singer, and taoist companion to Pablo. A descendent of English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish donkeys.


Ditto: a stuffed animal made in the image of Blurtso. Despite his inanimate state, Ditto manages to have a mind of his own.


Alex (Alexandra): Blurtso’s schoolmate and friend from Manhattan. More experienced in the ways of the world, Alex helps Blurtso unravel the complexities of politics and literature.


Blurtseau Lundif:
Blurtso’s alter-ego and protagonist of his 18th Century novel, Blurtseau Lundif – Corsaire Extraordinaire. Blurtseau, a native of
Marseilles, France, overcomes a variety of obstacles as he attempts to regain the favor of his king.


Pableau la Chanson de Chantilly: Blurtseau’s faithful First Mate in the novel, Blurtseau Lundif – Corsaire Extraordinaire. Pableau, descended from a long line of bakers, is as skillful with a pastry as he is renowned as a singer and musician. Having fallen in love with a Portuguese donkey named Zurrabela, Pableau and Blurtseau have temporarily gone separate ways.


Zurrabela (María Diana Sofía):
in line for the throne of
Portugal, Zurrabela has fallen in love with Pableau la Chanson, with whom she plans to elope.


Blurtsoiselle: first love of Blurtseau Lundif, who forsakes him for the prince (cousin) of the court of Louis XVI.


Echo: second love of Blurtseau Lundif, living on the island of Montecristo. After Blurtseau's unexpected arrival and subsequent departure, Echo abandons her island to search for him. 

Winston: a pig living on a farm near Ashford, England. After rescuing Echo from certain death, Winston agrees to help her find Blurtseau Lundif. They stow away on a contraband ship, cross the channel, and make their way through post-revolutionary France.


Beatrice: mistakenly called "Lizzy" by Blurtso, Beatrice is an athletic, snowboarding donkey and fellow student at Harvard. Her breathtaking beauty inspired Blurtso to compose a collection of poems titled, "Graham Cracker Crumbs", and to paint a number of renoiresque portraits.

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