Blurtso the donkey books, cards, clothes, and more

Blurtso the donkey books, cards, clothes, and moreBlurtso the donkey books, cards, clothes, and moreBlurtso the donkey books, cards, clothes, and more

The philosophy of Blurtso

 Peace of mind

is the product of self respect.


The more I can leave behind,

the lighter my load,

and the lighter my load,

the more I can take with me.


I free my mind to the day,
I feel the sounds, the colors, the breeze, and I remember this day, 

which is every day, 

a lifetime.

  Most points of view 

are too pointed.

The less I am me, 

the more I am what I see and hear. 

The moment I become nothing,

​I will become everything.

Harlan was talking a lot about mindfulness yesterday. 

I wonder what he meant? 

I wonder if it's anything like stomachfulness? 

I'll have to ask him the next time I see him, if I'm not too focused on the present 

to remember. 

 A lot of people seem frustrated.

They seem to think the world, 

or someone

owes them something.

I don't understand that.

I feel lucky

just to be here.

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Blurtso the donkey:

Blurtso the donkey is a web-comic character created by Alan R. Davison. Alan Davison is a novelist, poet, graphic artist, and professor of Spanish language and literature. In addition to his Blurtso blog, books, and products, Mr. Davison has published novels titled, The Adventures of Captain Harvey and Banquet, has written a collection of poetry called, Yes to it all, and has translated a number of poems by the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, including his collection, 100 Sonnets of love. Write him via email at: (listen to an audio version of The Adventures of Captain Harvey).

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